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Bicycle Trailers





Burley Bicycle Trailers


Tail Wagon(Pet)


About Burley

Long known as the worldwide leader in child bicycle trailers, Burley launched a commuter trailer that won one of 12 Gold awards at the 2010 EuroBike tradeshow. For more than 30 years, we've made it our priority to deliver the absolute best in quality, durability and safety. We put our heart and soul into every trailer we make, because that's just how we do business.

At Burley, we find better ways to do what we love, and we always put safety first. And, listening to customers leads us to new innovations, like our Travoy urban commuter trailer. We recently added some amazing talent to our design team. Watch for what they come up with next.

There love of bicycle trailers dates back more than 30 years. In the 1970's, Alan Scholz started a business called Burley Bike Bags - a company inspired by his wife "Burley Bev," a local Oregon bike racer. The couple sold their bags at Eugene's Saturday Market, a 30-mile commute from their home. Determined to live a car-free life, Alan built a strong, durable, safe trailer to transport his young daughter and the Burley bags to the Market. It wasn't long before people were asking to buy a trailer like Alan's. Then, bike shops in Eugene started to carry the Burley trailers. The market for Burley trailers grew rapidly and today the name "Burley" is synonymous with "bicycle trailers."

In 1978 Burley became a worker-owned cooperative, and in 2006 members sold the company to Michael Coughlin, a Eugene businessman, community leader, and Oregon native. His first move was to bring the focus solely on Burley's core product and the heart of the company: the Burley trailer.

2008 marked Burley's 30th anniversary of designing and manufacturing the safest bike trailers. We continue to perfect Alan's invention with passion, drive and dedication. That's why Burley is known for making the safest, most durable trailers on the road.

The Burley future is bright with a worldwide distribution network and products that are well respected for their manufacturing quality and exceptional safety. The Burley brand stands for unmatched quality today, just as it did in 1978.

Croozer Bicycle Trailers

Kid for 2
About Croozer

Complete family mobility is what we passionately believe in. Croozer combines clever engineering with good looks to give you a very simple yet reliable carrier. Ideal for anyone who enjoys being out and about with family

Get to work by bike
Time is short in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives: Generally you can get to work just as fast by bike as by car Ė and you can save yourself a trip to the gym! Of course, it doesnít always have to be fitness training! Even quite short distances, covered regularly by bike, are a valuable contribution to your own sense of well-being and fitness. Using the bike youíll be able to guard against serious illness and at the same time help take away some of the motorized traffic from our towns and protect the environment.


Do I have to attach lights to use my Croozer at night?
Just as you might use the bicycle solo at night, you may occasionally wish to tow the bicycle trailer in the dark. This will obscure the rear light of the towing bicycle. Therefore, you will definitely need an additional rear light, the rear reflectors and reflective strips on your Croozer are not sufficient! Modern battery rear lights are recommended. These are based upon light-emitting diodes, which use very little power and last long.

Do children need to wear a safety helmet while in the Croozer?
Due to the additional safety that wearing a helmet provides, children must wear a helmet while in the Croozer

Why do I need to change wheels to jog with my Croozer?
Your Croozer has been designed to function best in each mode, strolling, jogging, and cycling, provided it is set up properly. The strolling wheel isn't designed for the added stresses applied to the carrier from jogging. Jogging with the stroller wheel can cause damage to your Croozer.

Do I need to remove the strolling wheel in cycling mode?
Yes, this is very important. Failing to remove the stroller wheel when using your Croozer in cycling mode can cause damage.

Why does the Croozer not have a reclining position?
Safety in the Croozer has priority over the comfort. A flat reclining position does not allow a child to be strapped in safely.

At what age can we begin using our Croozer?
You can begin using the Croozer in Stroller or Jogger mode when your child is approximately 6 months old. Your child must be able to sit upright unassisted. To use your Croozer in cycling mode, your child must be approximately 12 months old, and wear a helmet.
Remember, your baby is a tender creature. They are especially sensitive to all bumps and jolts in the road. To make the ride more comfortable for them we recommend a lower tire pressure and cycling at a slower speed.
Remember that the force of any hurdle depends on the speed over which they are cycled rather than the unevenness of the road.
Be careful and gentle; donít expect too much from your baby. Enjoy being able to be active with your baby, but do not attempt to train for the Olympics.
It is only when your child is approx.18 months old that you can rely on him to let you know whether he likes you to cycle slow and gentle or fast and racy.

How should I look after my Croozer?
Croozers are very easy to look after. Cloth parts should be washed with a mild detergent and water. Do not use harsh cleaning agents. Aluminum parts should be wiped with an oily rag, spoked wheels should be centered by an expert every year. If you put your Croozer away for a lengthy period of time you should ensure that all parts are dry before you fold it up to prevent mildew from forming on the cloth parts.

Chariot Bicycle Trailers




The Company Behind the Chariot

There are very few companies in the world who solely dedicate themselves to the outdoor transportation of children. Chariot Carriers Inc. is one of them, and has been specializing in this field for more than seventeen years

Chariot believes that there purpose is to produce the most innovative, the safest, and the highest quality child carrier products on the market. We are guided by principles such as family togetherness, outdoor activities, health and fitness, balanced lifestyles, environmental sustainability, corporate responsibility, and an ongoing commitment to transforming your family outings into unforgettable memories.

Every Chariot Carrier is proudly designed in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. And to this day many of our products continue to be produced in our Calgary facility. A skilled and energetic team of approximately one hundred people meticulously design, produce, and support Chariotís that are enjoyed worldwide. From the beginning, we have encouraged diversity in many areas: skills, ideas, cultures, religions, languages and ideologies. These diversities, combined with our focus on operating with integrity, allow Chariot to craft the finest and safest child carrier products for your family

When people see there products, it is quickly apparent that such quality is borne from a company that truly cares - and they do! In order to maintain this reputation, we must consistently combine many elements: our commitment to excellence, the highest quality materials, modern equipment, expert suppliers, and knowledgeable selling partners.

Chariot is a privately-held, family-run business who, through intense focus and determination, has earned the distinction of being the market leader in North America and many European countries. Parents around the world have been choosing our carriers for over fifteen years, citing the quality and innovation of our products, and applauding our attention to detail and customer care.

Chariot's Community and Environmental Commitment
At Chariot Carriers they are committed to doing our part to ensure that we all have a world to enjoy with our kids and for generations to come. For us at Chariot, that means being a responsible company in terms of our environmental impact and our commitment to our community. The Chariot Green Team, made up of members from different departments at Chariot, works to ensure that we are meeting our environmental targets and striving to do all we can to act as a responsible company and manufacturer.

Chariot's Community Commitment:
  • Chariot will strive to contribute our time and efforts to charitable organizations within there community.
  • Chariot will continue to donate product in support of causes that will help to strengthen our community.
  • Chariot will continue to treat all of our employees, suppliers, and customers with dignity and respect.
  • In Chariot's Canadian factory, Chariot will continue to pay fair wages, provide a safe working environment and provide time off as required, and we will ensure that the same attitude is used in any factory we work with.
Chariot's Environmental Commitment:
  • As a founding member of EcoMobility, we will strive to provide products that will make it easier for there customers to reduce their dependence on motor vehicles.
  • Chariot will continue to ensure our products are designed and built to the highest standards and made with the best materials to ensure a long product life.
  • Chariot will use only materials that are free of known harmful substances.
  • Chariot will strive to use recycled materials wherever possible.
  • Chariot will continue to ensure the ongoing support of our products by maintaining an inventory of parts from 1994. With the support of our retailers we can help keep Chariots functioning for years to come.
  • Chariot will strive to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging by reducing packaging materials and using earth-friendly products.
  • Chariot will continuously look for opportunities within our organization to reduce our environmental footprint.
For Phone Orders, call toll-free 888-337-4684 (Monday - Friday 9 am - 6 pm E.S.T)
All other inquiries, please phone 718-339-6212
FAX 718-336-5570

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