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Trailer Accessories
Chariot Carriers - Bicycle Trailers
Chariot Carriers - Bicycle Trailers

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Chariot has a carrier that will help you stay active with your kids all year long. Chariot’s innovative CTS system makes it easy to transform your CTS-ready chassis into a smooth-rolling stroller, a dedicated performance jogger, a superior-quality bicycle trailer, a unique hiking trailer, or an exciting cross-country ski sled. More about Chariot...
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20100753, X-Country Cargo Rack 1

Model #: 20100753
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Price: $65.00
The X-country Cargo Rack 1 handles the light stuff. A great place for wet wipes, sunscreen, and your...
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Chariot Carriers - Bicycle Trailers

Chariot Carriers - Bicycle Trailers

Introducing healthy lifestyle choices to our children is just as important as maintaining our own healthy and active lifestyles Chariot’s innovative products do just that. Whether you are an avid athlete or a weekend warrior, Chariot has a carrier that will help you stay active with your kids all year long. Chariot’s innovative CTS system makes it easy to transform your CTS-ready chassis into a smooth-rolling stroller, a dedicated performance jogger, a superior-quality bicycle trailer, a unique hiking trailer, or an exciting cross-country ski sled.

Answers: General

Q. I would like to purchase a Chariot Carrier. Where can I buy one?
A. Chariot Carriers are only sold through authorized retailers, most of which are bike stores. For a list of retailers in your area, please visit the Where to Buy section of our website.

Q. I would like a brochure. How can I get one?
A. We would be glad to supply you with a brochure please click here to fill out the brochure request form and we will have one sent to you as soon as possible.

Q. What is Chariot’s warranty policy?
A. Chariot Carriers offers a lifetime limited warranty on all of the Chariot products. There is a lifetime limited warranty on the frame of the carrier against manufacturer’s defects. The fabric and hitch are covered for one year after the original date of purchase for manufacturers defects. The warranty does not include the wheels and the tires of the carriers. This warranty is also only valid to the original purchaser. To view our complete warranty policy, please click here.

Q. How do I know which carrier will best suit my lifestyle?
A. The most important thing to consider when choosing a trailer is which activities you plan on doing with your Chariot: are you a jogger? a cyclist? a cross country skier? Will you need more cargo room for gear or groceries? Our carriers have many features that separate one from the other. Use the comparison tool to help you decide which carrier has the right features for you.

Q. Does my Chariot offer any UV protection? How much?
A. Yes, the plastic and mesh do protect against UV. The tinted plastic protects 87% from UV rays. The front mesh protects 49% and the clear plastic and the mesh together protect as much as the tinted plastic.

Q. How do I know if the SideCarrier will work with my bike?
A. Unfortunately we do not have a list of bicycles that are compatible with the SideCarrier because there are so many different styles and models. The best way to determine compatibility would be to follow the specifications list.

Q. What do I need to know about purchasing a used carrier?
A. There are a few things to consider before purchasing a used Chariot. The first thing to consider would be which activities you plan on doing with your Chariot Carrier. A lot of the older models are not compatible with ski kits. We also have older models that were designed as designated cycling trailers so there are no conversion kits available for them, such as the TCT Caddie. Please also note that the majority of our infant accessories are not compatible with models pre- 2003. Another thing to consider would be the condition that the carrier is in, if the fabric looks torn or faded you may want to reconsider as this can be expensive to fix.

Q. I want to make sure my child will be safe. What safety testing does Chariot perform?
A. We pride ourselves in the safety of our carriers. When you purchase a Chariot Carrier, you’re buying a product that has undergone years of internal and field testing – and retesting. Just some of the tests conducted on each Chariot model are: side and rear impact, nose drop, suspension, hitch, tip over, and long-term durability on a very rough simulated road. All of the carriers meet or exceed the ASTM standards for North America. In addition to complying with applicable safety standards, Chariot products must pass our own more stringent internal standards. By integrating product design, testing, and production under one roof, Chariot raises the bar in product safety and excellence. Additional independent international test results have further verified this quality.

Q. Can the height of my handle bar be adjusted?
A. On all of the models of carriers 1998 and newer the handlebar height can be adjusted by simply flipping the bar over and reinstalling it. The CX handlebar height is a fixed height with five different hand positions.

Q. Can I put a car seat in my Chariot?
A. Due to the large amounts of models, brands, and sizes of infant car seats on the market, it would be impossible for us to safety test each model and deem them all safe for use in a Chariot. Instead we have developed our own line of infant accessories that are all safety tested and easy to use in your carrier.

Q. Do the double carriers fit through standard doorways?
A. Unfortunately, in North America there is not one standard door size. We recommend measuring the doorways you would use most often. Our double carriers are approximately 33 inches (83 cm) wide. For the exact width of the carrier you are interested in, please go to the product specifications or use the product comparison tool.

Q. Where can I find carrier specifications (i.e. weight and dimensions)?
A. You can find this information on the specification pages for each of our products. You can also see it on the product comparison page.

Q. My owner``s manual recommends against in-line skating with my Chariot. Why is that?
A. We strongly recommend not in-line skating with your Chariot. Chariot Carriers are not designed for in-line skating and have not undergone the appropriate safety testing. Studies show that accidents tend to occur more often when in-line skating then while jogging or strolling with a carrier, and Chariot will not be responsible for any accident or injury incurred while the carrier is being used with in-line skates.

Q. How much weight can I carry in my Chariot? What about the cargo bag, etc?
A. The weights differ between each model; the X-Country series single trailers can hold up to 75 lbs and the doubles can hold up to 100 lbs. The rear cargo pouch, for both single and double models, holds up to 3 lbs. The Classic series can hold up to 100 lbs. All measurements are for passengers and cargo combined.

Answers: Conversion Kits

Q. How old should my child be before I can start strolling?
A. You can begin strolling with your child on smooth terrain from as early as newborn. Please note, if you choose to start strolling with any child this young, we recommend using a Chariot Infant Accessory such as the Infant Sling or a Baby Bivy.

Q. How old should my child be before I can start jogging?
A. You can start jogging with a child at six months using the Chariot Infant Sling. We recommend staying on smooth paths until your child is a minimum of one year old.

Q. How old should my child be before I can start cycling?
A. We strongly recommend waiting until your child is a minimum of 1 year old and able to sit up on their own without support before cycling with them. We also recommend that a child always wear a properly-fitted helmet in the carrier when it is in cycling mode. These recommendations comply with industry wide standards for North America.

Q. How old should my child be before I can start hiking?
A. We recommend waiting until a child is six months old and sitting up on their own in the seat of the carrier before commencing hiking. Please note we also recommend staying on smooth paths until the child is about one year old.

Q. How old should my child be before I can start cross-country skiing?
A. You can start cross country skiing at six months old on trails groomed for cross-country skiers. Please keep external temperatures in mind; your child is sitting still and will require extra layers to remain warm. The Chariot Bunting Bag is a great accessory to use with the CTS XC Ski Kit.

Answers: Accessories

Q. I noticed there are several infant accessories. Which one do I need?
A. There are a few different Chariot child accessories to choose from, they are sold in steps so that there is an accessory that can be used for every stage of your child’s development. The Baby Bivy is recommended from newborn up to 18 lbs. The Infant Sling can be used from one month up to 22 lbs. The Baby Supporter can be used for a child that is already sitting up unassisted until about 18 months of age or until the child grows out of it.

Q. Can I use two Baby Bivies, Infant Slings or Baby Supporters at the same time in a double carrier?
A. Yes, although snug, two Baby Bivies, two Infant Slings or two Baby Supporters will fit into a double carrier.

Answers: General Questions (Owners)

Q. I lost my owner’s manual. Where can I get a new one?
A. All of the owner``s manuals are listed on the website. Please click here and select the year and model of the carrier or accessory that you would like to download.

Q. I can’t find the serial number on my carrier. Where is it located?
A. The serial numbers on the carriers can be a little difficult to find. Watch the following video for help

Q. I read in my owner’s manual that you recommend putting a helmet on the passenger. Why is that?
A. We always recommend that children wear a helmet inside of the carrier when it is in cycling mode for safety reasons. When cycling, the carrier reaches higher speeds than when strolling or jogging. If an accident were to occur, a properly-fitted helmet would add extra protection. Considering the precious cargo that our trailers are designed for, we can never be too careful.

Answers: Conversion kits (Owners)

Q. I already own a Chariot. Will the ski kit work on my carrier?
A. The CTS XC Ski Kit will work on all X-Country models of trailers, depending on the model year. However, adapter kits may need to be used. If your carrier is pre – 2003, you will need the XC Skiing Adapter Kit CHE/CGR 98-01 part # 20100718. If you own a CX model 2006 and newer you will need the CX Ski Adapter 06-09 part # 20100804. The CTS XC Ski Kit does not work on Classic trailers, with the exception of the Corsaire XL model year 2006 and newer.

Q. We bought a Cougar 1 for our first child, but now we are expecting our second child. Will our old conversion kits work for a new Cougar 2?
A. This will depend on the year of carrier that you are upgrading from. If your old single carrier is 2003 or newer, all of your kits will be compatible with a double model except for the CTS Jogging Kit (the wheel arms will be too short to securely lock the front jogger wheel into place). If your old single carrier is pre – 2003 and you are upgrading to a newer model, the strolling, jogging and cycling kits will be different. Stroller wheels also changed in 2006 to a newer easy click in style, the previous models do work with the newer models but not vice versa.

Q. I own a bike with internal hubs or hooded dropouts and the hitch cup won’t fit. What can I do?
A. We have another version of the hitch which can be ordered. It clamps on to the chainstay of your bicycle; this may be an alternative option if you do not have disc brakes. Please contact your local dealer to discuss this option. Please note this clamp-on style of hitch may not be compatible with all bicycles. For Shimano or Sram Internal Hubs we offer an adapter to properly attach the hitch cup. See the accessories section for details.

Q. I have an older Chariot. Will the Infant Sling or Baby Bivy fit in my carrier?
A. The Infant Sling and the Baby Bivy are unfortunately not compatible with any models previous to 2003. Some models were also never designed to be compatible with these accessories; these models include the Caddie, the Cavalier, the Chauffeur, and the SideCarrier. The Baby Supporter, before and after however, is compatible for all Chariot makes and models regardless of which year they were manufactured.

Answers: Installation and Maintenance

Q. I bought the Infant Sling and I am having trouble installing it. How does it install?
A. We understand that installing the Infant Sling can be a little tricky. Watch our installation video for help.

Q. My carrier keeps pulling to the right/left when I am jogging. How can I resolve this?
A. There are a couple different reasons why your carrier could be pulling to the left or the right, the good news is that this is usually an easy fix. Please follow the directions below and if you find that your carrier is still not tracking straight we recommend visiting your local dealer and see if they can assist you further.

  • Ensure that the rear tires are equally inflated

  • Check that the front wheel is centered and fully inserted in the dropouts.

  •      Note: A child leaning to one side or excessive or bulky cargo on one side can adversely affect tracking.

    If your carrier is still rolling to one direction, follow the set of instructions below:

    1. Remove the front wheel from the wheel arms.
         Note: If your carrier is rolling to the right, adjustments will be made to the right hand wheel arm. If your carrier is rolling to the left, adjustments will be made to the left hand wheel arm. These references to direction are made from the passengers’ point of view.

    2. With a 7/16” open end wrench and a Philips screwdriver, loosen the nuts holding the aluminum dropout to the wheel arm.

         Note:All wheel arms are sold with the dropouts in the position shown in fig 2.

    3. Slide the aluminum dropout towards the front of the carrier (figure 3). Start by moving half the maximum allowable distance.

    4. Tighten the nuts securely and push the carrier to test if it is now rolling straight.

    5. If your carrier is still not rolling straight, loosen the nuts again and slide the dropout as far forward as possible and repeat step 4 .

    Q. My owner’s manual suggests regular maintenance. What does Chariot recommend?
    A. We recommend maintaining your Chariot much like you would your bicycle: regular greasing and cleaning of the mechanical parts, general inspection for wear and tear, checking the bolts of the carrier and tightening if required. We also recommend drying off the mechanical parts of your carrier such as the wheels and kits to avoid rusting if your carrier has been outside in the rain or in water. If your carrier is used near an ocean or in an area where salt is used on the roads, we recommend to not only dry, but also rinse your carrier’s mechanical parts before storing, again to help guard your carrier against rusting.

    Q. My carrier has dirt/mold and I would like to clean it. What cleaning products does Chariot recommend?
    A. Depending on the dirt/mold on your carrier we recommend several different things when cleaning your carrier. If your carrier has dirt or a stain we recommend using a mild detergent. Before cleaning the carrier always perform a patch test on the underside of the carrier to ensure that it will not cause any harm or discoloration. Wash the carrier or the spot that needs cleaning making sure to fully rinse the fabric. Once the carrier is clean be sure to completely dry the carrier to avoid rust or mold/mildew build up. Please note we do not recommend removing the fabric body from the carrier at any time for cleaning. The harnesses and the inside seat pad of the carrier can be hand-washed with a mild detergent and laid flat to dry. Do not put these items into the dryer.

    If your carrier has mold/mildew we recommend the following;

    Remove mildew spots as soon as you discover them. Brush off surface growth outdoors to prevent scattering the spores in the house. Sun and air fabrics thoroughly - heat and sun kill mildew. Wash mildew-stained articles once with soap and water, rinse them well and dry them in the sun. If any stain remains, use one of the following bleaches:

    1. Lemon juice and salt. Moisten stain with lemon juice, spread on salt and place in the sun to dry. Rinse thoroughly. Use with care on colored fabrics.

    2. Perborate bleach. Mix one tablespoon sodium perborate bleach and one pint of water. Use hot water if it won``t damage the fabric, otherwise use lukewarm water. Sponge or soak the stained area. Allow to remain one-half hour, then rinse. Test on colored garments first.

    3. Chlorine bleach. Mix two tablespoons of liquid chlorine bleach with one quart of warm water. Sponge the stain or soak the stained area in the solution. Allow the bleach to remain on the fabric from five to 15 minutes, then rinse.

    An additional soaking in weak vinegar (two tablespoons to a cup of water) will s further bleach action.

    To test a fabric’s colorfastness to liquid chlorine bleach, mix one tablespoon of bleach with 1/4 cup of water. Use an eyedropper or cotton-tipped swab to put a drop of this solution on a hidden seam or pocket edge inside the garment. Let the garment stand two minutes, then blot dry. If no color change occurs, it is safe to use the bleach on the garment. Powdered bleach packages explain directions for doing colorfastness tests.

    Q. I need parts for my Chariot. Where and how can I get them?
    A. Chariot Carriers stocks most parts. You can order parts through any authorized Chariot retailer. For a complete list of retailers please visit the Where to Buy section of our website. If you are calling the retailer to order parts, please have your carrier handy as the retailer will need to know the model and year.

    For Phone Orders, call toll-free 888-337-4684 (Monday - Friday 9 am - 6 pm E.S.T)
    All other inquiries, please phone 718-339-6212
    FAX 718-336-5570

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