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Accessories - Medical Instuments
Hi Bebe
BioScanner  (All)
CardioChek Data Link
Secure your data with CardioChek Link. This solution enables you to transmit test results from the CardioChek PA point-of-care instrument to a computer, and add a Patient ID and/or Provider information to the .le. CardioChek Link minimizes your risk of transcription errors and provides a paperless solution for your screening environment.> more ...
Bistos  (All)
Bistos 410F Medical Exam Headlamp
FREE Ground Shipping *
Bistos America is excited to introduce their latest new improvement to their already impressive BT-410 medical headlamp – a focusing feature! The new top lamp will now focus on the task at hand, giving you even more control over your light. It still pivots and still provides, cool white LED light right where you, it but now, you can focus it – going from a large area to a very small area!> more ...
Hi Bebe  (All)
Hi Bebe, BT-350 LCD Fetal Monitor (For professional use only)
FREE Ground Shipping *
7" wide TFT color LCD display Up to 150 patients date saving Fetal heart sound play and record in PC Screen is rotating to 180o Multiple language support Quick guide display Various installation method> more ...
Philips  (All)
Philips M3859A Secure Pull Seal pack of 10
Secure plastic pull seal for attaching defibrillator case to wall mount or cabinet. Seal intended to eter theft and indicates tampering, yet is easy to "break away" for use during an emergency. recommended for all customers purchasing wall mount brackets.> more ...
Phillips 989803139341 FRx Product Training DVD
Show everyone the Philips FRx AED in action! Use this DVD during CPR training or to refresh users between training sessions> more ...
Philips 989803150201 Interconnect Cable for Training Pads III
Use this interconnect cable with the Training Pads III> more ...
Philips 861476 AED Awareness Poster (4-pack)
Place these posters away from the AED, in break areas, copy rooms, or locker rooms – anywhere that employees or members of the public can take a moment to raise their awareness about AEDs.> more ...
Phillips 989803138731 FRx Owner's Manual
This is the original manual that you get from the manufacturer when you buy a new Philips FRx AED. This manual can be used as a replacement or as an extra copy.> more ...
Philips 989803150181 Replacement Training Pads III
The Philips HeartStart Adult Training Pads III are designed to be used with the Philips HeartStart Trainer 3 or the Philips HeartStart FR3 AED with Training Pack.> more ...
Philips 989803150011 Pad Sentry Insert for FR3 System Case
The Pads Sentry is designed for use in the Philips FR3 carry cases, and provides support for the fast response features available on the Philips SMART Pads III.> more ...
Philips 989803170901 AED Awareness Placard - Red
Raise AED awareness by putting an AED Awareness Placard above every AED located in a public area.> more ...
Philips 989803170921 AED Wall Sign - Red
An AED Wall Sign hanging above a Wall Mount Bracket or Defibrillator Cabinet gives even greater visibility to the defibrillator. Can be mounted three different ways to maximize visibility> more ...
Phillips 989803139321 FRx Training Toolkit
The Training Toolkit includes instructional aids, such as a “how-to” video and CD, with PowerPoint presentations, for instructors to teach groups of people to operate and maintain the HeartStart FRx Defibrillator> more ...
Phillips 05-10100 HeartStart pads Adapter (Zoll™)
Removable adapter for Zoll 1200, 1400, 1600 and M-Series defibrillators> more ...
Phillips 05-10200 HeartStart Pads Adapter (Barrel-style)
HeartStart Adult FRx/FR2/FR2+ AED Defibrillator Electrode Pads may also be used with defibrillators from other manufacturers, using reusable Philips HeartStart Adapters, whether the other defibrillators are biphasic or monophasic, manual or automated. This adapter allows ALS caregivers to connect your Philips electrode pads to their manual defibrillator.> more ...
Philips M5088A Internal Manikin Adapter
Internal Manikin adapter for use with Little Anne and Resusci-Anne CPR manikins. Can be used with the Philips HeartStart Onsite or FRx training system> more ...
Philips 989803149981 Smart Pads III, 1 Set
Philips HeartStart FR3 Defibrillation Electrode Pads are general purpose pads for use with Philips HeartStart FR3 AEDs.> more ...
Philips M5093A Replacement Adult Training Pads
Replacement Adult Training Pads for HeartStart Trainer. Lets you replace spent training pads inside your Training Pads cartridge economically, without the need to purchase a whole new Training Cartridge.> more ...
Philips M5094A Replacement Infant/Child Training Pads
Replacement Infant/Child Training Pads with Replaceable Seal for HeartStart Infant/Child Training Pads Cartridge (M5074A).> more ...
Phillips M5090A Adult Pads Placement Guide
Adult pad placement guide for the Philips Onsite and FRx defibrillators.> more ...
Philips 989803171631 Remote Control for AED Trainer 3
The Philips AED Trainer 3 Remote gives instructors the ability to quickly override the AED Trainer 3 at any moment providing the means to test how students respond to a variety of situations.> more ...
Philips 989803139291 Replacement SMART Training Pads II
FREE Ground Shipping *
Includes pads, wire, and plug> more ...
Philips 861488 USB Bluetooth Dongle
Required when using FR3 Bluetooth Transceiver Module & some computer systems.> more ...
Philips 989803150111 FR3 Fast Response Kit
Philips HeartStart FR3 Fast Response Kit> more ...
Philips 68-PCHAT Fast Response Kit
FREE Ground Shipping *
more ...
Phillips 989803139281 Infant/Child Pads Placement Guide
Infant/Child Pad Placement Guide for use in demonstration and light training situations of pediatric application> more ...
Philips 861478 AED Awareness Sign Bundle - Red
Philips Healthcare Defibrillator Awareness Bundle - Sign, Placard, Posters. An excellent way to create AED awareness and a necessity for every AED location.> more ...
Philips 989803150061 FR3 Data Card
FREE Ground Shipping *
Stores 8 hours of ECG, patient event data, and including 8 hours of voice recording for download and retrospective review.> more ...
Philips 989803150031 FR3 Infant/Child Key
FREE Ground Shipping *
This is the secret that makes the Philips HeartStart FR3 AED so cost effective to own. Other AEDs use pediatric electrode pads for use on children. It means you'll have to regularly replace them just like adult electrodes pads. The FR3 uses a "key" that when inserted into the device, converts the FR3 into a pediatric defibrillator.> more ...
Philips M5073A Adult Training Pads Cartridge
FREE Ground Shipping *
Adult Training Pads Cartridges are available for training and demonstration purposes. These special non-clinical pads, when installed in the HeartStart HS1 Defibrillator, suspend the defibrillator's ability to deliver a shock and activate its training mode, enabling the user to run any of eight emergency scenarios. The defibrillator's voice instructions include cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) coaching.> more ...
Philips 989803170891 AED Wall Mount
FREE Ground Shipping *
Philips AED Wall Mount is an acrylic wall mount created to house the Philips HeartStart OnSite or the Philips HeartStart FRx AEDs.> more ...
Philips M5089A External Manikin Adapter
FREE Ground Shipping *
External Manikin adapter for us with all CPR/AED Manikins for the Philips Onsite or FRx systems.> more ...
Philips M5076A Slim Carrying Case for HeartStart OnSite
FREE Ground Shipping *
This slim carry case is constructed with semi-rigid materials and covered in durable red cordura. The case holds the HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator and a pair of paramedic scissors.> more ...
Philips 989803139271 SMART Training Pads II
FREE Ground Shipping *
Infant/Child training applications, buy infant/child key separately> more ...
Philips 989803179181 FR3 Small Case, Soft - Fits AED and extra set of SMART Pads III
FREE Ground Shipping *
Philips HeartStart FR3 AED Soft Small Carry Case. Designed with room for spare Defibrillation Electrode Pads and Infant/Child Key.> more ...
Philips 989803179161 FR3 System Case, Soft - Fits AED, extra battery, extra set of SMART Pads III
FREE Ground Shipping *
Designed with room for a spare Battery, spare Defibrillation Electrode Pads, and Infant/Child Key.> more ...
Philips 861477 AED Wall Mount and Signage Bundle
FREE Ground Shipping *
Philips Healthcare Defibrillator Wall Mount and Sign Awareness Bundle- Sign, Placard, Posters, and Clear Wall Bracket. An excellent way to display your Philips HeartStart AED and create AED awareness at every AED location.> more ...
Philips M5070A Four-Year Battery for HeartStart Defibrillator, HS1/FRx
FREE Ground Shipping *
This battery is a disposable, lithium manganese dioxide, long-life battery that will typically last for four years with the defibrillator in standby mode> more ...
Philips 989803149991 Smart Pads III, 5 Set
FREE Ground Shipping *
Philips HeartStart FR3 Defibrillation Electrode Pads are general purpose pads for use with Philips HeartStart FR3 AEDs Set of 5 Pads.> more ...
Philips 989803149971 FR3 System Case, Rigid
FREE Ground Shipping *
Philips HeartStart FR3 AED Rigid System Carry Case. Designed with room for a spare Battery, spare Defibrillation Electrode Pads, and Infant/Child Key.> more ...
Philips 989803150161 FR3 Primary Battery
FREE Ground Shipping *
The Philips Lithium Battery Pack is the replacement disposable lithium manganese dioxide battery for your Philips HeartStart FR3 AED. This battery pack has a shelf-life of 5 years from the date of manufacture so having an extras on hand is always a good idea.> more ...
Philips YC Waterproof AED Carrying Case
FREE Ground Shipping *
Philips waterproof carrying case made of hard-shell plastic is suited for more rigorous use, particularly in wet outdoor settings. It can also accomodate the contents of the Fast Response Kit.> more ...
Philips 989803150191 FR3 Training Pack
FREE Ground Shipping *
The Philips FR3 Training Pack is an accessory that can be used with you Philips HeartStart FR3 AED. The Training Pack allows you to convert your AED above into a non-shocking training unit.> more ...
Philips M5085A Heart Start Trainer
FREE Ground Shipping *
With Philips' HeartStart Trainer, CPR and first aid instructors can help empower their students with awareness of HeartStart Defibrillators and how to use them to save lives> more ...
Philips 861467 AED Trainer 3
FREE Ground Shipping *
The Philips HeartStart AED Trainer 3 looks just like the Philips HeartStart FR3 AED. The optional remote control adds convenience and control over your practice scenarios!> more ...
Philips PFE7023D Semi-Recessed Cabinet
FREE Ground Shipping *
The Defibrillator Cabinet, constructed of heavy gauge steel and tempered glass, protects your defibrillator from theft and the elements. Equipped with an audible alarm and flashing lights (powered by two 9-volt alkaline batteries), the Cabinet attracts attention to mobilize assistance during a cardiac emergency or deter theft. Opening the Cabinets door activates the audible alarm and lights. For locations where a siren is inappropriate, the audible alarm can be disabled> more ...
Philips PFE7024D Surface Mount Cabinet
FREE Ground Shipping *
more ...
Zoll  (All)
Zoll Defibrillator Wall Mount Bracket
Wall mount bracket for Zoll Defibrillators.> more ...
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