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ePulse2 Strapless Heart Rate Monitor and Calorimeter
The Personal Fitness Assistant from Impact Sports Technologies has taken the next BIG step in Continuous Strapless Personal Heart Rate Monitoring with the introduction of the ePulse2 more ..
ePulse2 Strapless Heart Rate Monitor and Calorimeter from Impact Sports

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Second Generation Armband Heart Rate Monitor

Second Generation Armband Heart Rate Monitor

ePulse2 is Breakthrough Fitness Technology that has improved accuracy through the use of accelerometer technology. Third party tests show our accuracy to be comparable to a chest strap.

ePulse2 is simple to wear and use. It has uncomplicated basic control features (heart rate, calories burned and exercise time) available at a touch of the finger. Like the chest strap monitors, it also alerts advanced users to cardio and fat burning target heart rate zones and is fully customizable. Other features of the ePulse2, common to the chest strap systems, are max HR and min HR.

ePulse2 has a new streamlined design and internal high efficiency rechargeable battery that allows the device to be worn on either the forearm or optionally on the wrist for some exercises like running.

The full color Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display is fully daylight readable and also brightly visible indoors or night.

This is the first truly strapless continuous HRM and fitness monitor. No chest strap or special watch is required for continuous HR with accuracy comparable to a chest strap system like Polar, Timex, and others.

Anyone can easily understand the concept of an armband unit at a glance in the package. Anyone can put it on, turn it on and immediately see HR.

Most pulse watches are "novelty units with an instantaneous pulse feature that is impractical for most active fitness activities. They must be ?touched? for a number of seconds to get a reading that is not always accurate, especially if one is ?on the move.?

ePulse2 This next generation Heart Rate Monitor

Most pulse watches provide only a rough guess on calories burned compared to ePulse2 that uses height, weight, age, sex, resting HR and actual HR to calculate calories burned.

ePulse2 now opens the door to expanded markets and use of HRM into Tennis, Walking, Aerobics, and Yoga in addition to traditional HRM users.

The most uninformed employee will be able to represent ePulse2 as an armband versus chest strap monitor. If someone needs a HRM and walks into a store, ePulse2 is the only alternative to a chest strap HRM for continuous monitoring.

This next generation Heart Rate Monitor brings increased heart rate accuracy through integration of accelerometer data and advanced signal processing to bring No Chest Strap technology to all serious exercisers and to those who just need a simple, accurate and convenient heart rate monitor.

Requires no programming to immediately display heart rate. With a simple input of personal data, the ePulse2 will also calculate calories burned and target exercise zones, including In-Zone alerts that can be customized by the user.

Full color programmable day/night readable OLED graphical display is a technology leading innovation in fitness products.

Internal rechargeable 3v button cell battery provides sustained performance under all exercise conditions and, for longer battery life, there is an  on demand power saver feature for extended uses such as hiking.

Stopwatch feature with split times for runners and cyclists.

ePulse2 works equally well for both men and women

New, low profile design permits convenient and comfortable easy viewing.

ePulse2 works equally well for both men and women and addresses the issue other heart rate monitors struggle to overcome, no chest strap needed!

Check Your Heart Rate Instantly with NO chest strap.

Rechargeable Battery Power  Hours of performance on every charge.

Automatic Calorie Counter  Tracks your burn rate.

Customize Your Target Heart Rate Zones  Makes sure you are exercising efficiently.

Stopwatch with Split Times  Monitor your run or workout in detail.

Monitor your run or workout in detail.  - Read your heart rate easily in sunlight or at night.

Digital pedometer function  - Counts each step you take by detecting the motion of the person's hips

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