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Snuza Go Baby Movement Monitor Snuza Mobile Baby Movement Monitors
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Clip a Snuza movement monitor onto your baby s diaper and you re good to go. Snuza will travel with you to ensure that your baby is monitored wherever you are. Unlike other movement monitors which are limited to use under a cot mattress. Snuza is mobile it can be use it at home in a carrycot wherever baby goes. more ...
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Snuza Go Baby Movement Monitor

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Snuza Go Baby Movement Monitor
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Snuza mobile baby movement monitors were developed in response to parental concern and anxiety over a newborn baby’s propensity towards sleep apnoea resulting in SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Although this fear is addressed by other movement monitors on the market, most are the under-mattress type and are not convenient for use away from the baby’s permanent cot or crib. A Snuza monitor is a small (35g) device which clips directly onto a baby’s diaper, is cordless and wireless and can travel with the baby to ensure protection wherever it goes – around the house, in the room where the parent may be, on holiday, travelling, to friends, in a carrycot, in a campcot, to granny’s or babysitter’s house, etc. It may be used in conjunction with an audio/video monitor to relay the alarm over a further distance. In addition, an under-mattress monitor cannot be used in the case of cosleeping multiples, eg twins in the same cot, as the pad will remain inactive as long as it can detect ONE of the babies’ movements. This condition is also present in the case of babies co-sleeping with parents, and both conditions are addressed by the use of individual Snuza’s for each baby. The flexible sensor tip, which must be in contact with the baby’s skin at all times, detects the slightest movement, and as long as it is detecting any movement at all, Snuza will remain inactive. However, if Snuza does not detect any movement for a period of 20 seconds, it emits an audible alarm, alerting the parent or caregiver to act. On the Halo model, this is preceded by a vibratory stimulus which is activated after a period of 15 seconds of no movement. However, if another 5 second period passes with no further movement, the alarm is activated. Doctors and researchers have identified conditions in which a baby is more predisposed towards sleep apnoea and thus more at risk from SIDS, as follows:

  • mothers who smoke during pregnancy
  • exposure to smoking during pregnancy or after birth
  • siblings of infants who have died in a SIDS incident
  • babies with mild upper-respiratory tract infections
  • babies who have previously experienced an event where resuscitation was required
  • premature or low-birthweight babies
  • twins, triplets and multiples
Researchers internationally advise that babies should sleep on their backs, and that cot contents be kept to a minimum to avoid the risk of suffocation. The incidence of SIDS in South Africa is approximately 1.2 babies in 1000 each year. It can occur any time between the ages of 2 weeks and 12 months, and occurs most frequently between the ages of 2 and 4 months. Male babies are 1.5 times more likely to be SIDS victims than females.

Clip a Snuza movement monitor onto your baby s diaper and you re good to go. Snuza will travel with you to ensure that your baby is monitored wherever you are. Unlike other movement monitors which are limited to use under a cot mattress. Snuza is mobile it can be use it at home in a carrycot wherever baby goes.

The innovative Snuza range offers unsurpassed technology in the world of baby monitoring in that it uniquely combines finely-tuned precision monitoring with mobility and ergonomics

  • Movement detection Peace-of-mind for parents who can sleep easily knowing their baby is protected
  • Alarm after 20 seconds of no movement detection Alerts parents to lack of Movement for immediate intervention
  • Individual and separate monitoring for co-sleepers Can be used for twins and multiples who are sleeping in the same cot
  • Mobile Constant protection for baby wherever it goes – in the cot or out
  • Flexible sensor Improved movement sensing
  • Medical grade materials, hypoallergenic Removes concern for allergies or irritations
  • Superior clip design Better nappy grip avoids false alarms
  • Moulded buttons Buttons cannot dislodge or break off
  • Loud alarm (~85dB) Can be heard at further distance
  • Most advanced electronic design Leading-edge sensing technology means improved accuracy of movement detection
  • User-replaceable battery
  • Battery life is approx 12 months; the battery can be replaced to extend the usable life of the unit
  • Replaceable clip Avoids having to replace the entire unit if the clip is broken
  • Aesthetic design Looks cute and fun whilst performing a crucial function
  • Moulded unit Absence of material joins reduces the likelihood of fluid damage
  • Dual buttons for safer operation Ensures that Snuza is not inadvertently switched off

Snuza Go is a small, light Baby Movement Monitor that can be used anywhere your baby sleeps. Traditional Movement Monitors that utilize pads are useful if you only have one child who only sleeps in their crib, but if you have multiples, or your baby sleeps somewhere other than a crib, such as a Moses Basket or Pram, then these monitors may not be suitable.

Because Snuza Go clips over the waistband of baby’s diaper, it doesn’t matter where they sleep. Perfect for at home, when travelling or when visiting friends and family.

You can be assured that Snuza Go is safe. There are no wires or cords that could potentially harm baby; your Snuza is made with hypo-allergenic, medical grade plastics; and importantly, does not send or receive radiofrequency signals.

Snuza Halo Snuza Go! Other mobile monitors Under-mattress monitors
Vibrating stimulus to rouse baby Y N Y N
Mobile (go anywhere!) Y Y Y N
Can be used with co-sleeping twins, triplets or multiples Y Y Y N
Effectiveness not limited to sensor-pad area Y Y Y N
User-replaceable battery to extend usable product life Y Y N n/a
Superior clip design prevents sliding off Y Y N -
Movement monitoring Y Y Y Y
Soft flexible sensor for improved reliability (practically eliminates false alarms!) Y Y N n/a
Contains an ultra-reliable MIL-STD battery Y Y N n/a
No mains connection, cords or wires Y Y Y N
Loud alarm (greater than 85dB) can be heard from further away Y Y N Y
Replaceable clip Y Y N -
Highly polished surface makes cleaning easy Y Y N n/a
Incorporates the latest microprocessor technology for added safety and reliability Y Y N varies
Aesthetic and ergonomic design Y Y N varies
Protective carry-case supplied Y N N N
IP55 sealed unit - reduced likelihood of fluid damage Y Y N -
Dual buttons for safer and more intuitive operation Y Y N -
Weight 31g 31g 30g Approx 500g

Weight: 2.00 lb
Snuza Go Baby Movement Monitor
Snuza Go Baby Movement Monitor

* within the 48 continental US States

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